Thursday, July 27, 2006

Inadvertent Water Feature

Iguazu Falls, Argentina.
Photo: Michael John Meehan.

Found a strange, still, stigmata of water on the studio floor when I got in yesterday morning. Traced it to the wall, but the water was also still (?) Mystified, I crawled under my storage shelving, head on bent elbows, stared at the pool of water for about 10 minutes, when all of sudden a micro-burp of water seeped in from the building next door. Rang the neighbor's bell. Their water heater blew a casket. Mopped for the next 3 hours and moved all the storage of paintings and papers from under the stair storage. hmmph. Today I have to move it all back.

Not quite as dramatic as Iguazu, but definitely time-consuming and annoying. Luckily nothing was damaged.


Blogger Steven LaRose said...

You stared at a pool of water for ten minutes? What did you think about?

12:37 AM  
Blogger Art Powerlines said...

Remember the IWF in Greenpoint? Remarkable sound...something about all of this is reminding me of your thorns in Spain, thorns on electrical cables.

7:08 PM  
Blogger Reb said...

10 minutes can feel like an eternity. A few highlights: wondering how the water could be so still, gravity, how much I love my studio/its energy, followed by a nano second thinking that I might have to leave it b/c of my erratic-psychotic landlord, the ginormous thought of "globalization" getting me down (wondering if change could ever reach "the world"), how indulgent it is to be blogging and chattering on about concepts in art from the comfort of my life in SF while people are being bombed every which way, wondering why I go on. Movement, essentially. Something about surges of energy, compulsion, obstacles, perserverence. . .like thorns on electrical wires, I guess. I'm in a bittersweet mood.

8:56 PM  

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