Saturday, August 05, 2006

Killing the Buddha

Speaking of the Inadvertent:
Slightly sad (but rather amusing) that my clean-up makes better sculpture than my intentional attempts at artmaking.

I was trying to draw a buddha with bronze recently,
having found bronze wool at my local hardware store.
Deemed unsuccessful, I left it hanging on the wall for weeks.
Decided in a fit of cleaning yesterday I needed to make room on the wall, crumbled it up, and left it on the table.

Later in the afternoon, I passed it at just the right angle. . .and chuckled (thinking of Sherry Levine's golden urinals). It wasn't even until I took a quick snapshot of it that I saw the shadows so defined and "chiseled" that it looked as if it had a face and body. ( I didn't fiddle with the clump...the inadvertent readymade came As-Is! Wishing I had a pic of the ineffectual art making attempt to compare.) Not bad for my first bronze.

Kill the Buddha. Find the Buddha.
Click to enlarge. Refresh page as needed. (physically and figuratively)

I put the kabosh on the buddha and it still managed to come back (in a different form). The universe has a real sense of humor and seems always on point.


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