Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Rapture?

No....it was just an extended stay in Studio Purgatory (the experience wasn't so hot . . . so guess it wasn't exactly Hell, but close).

Recently endured yet another studio move. Hopefully this time 'round it's for an indefinite forever. It has been a rather unanticipated bit of a mental upheaval, not having a proper space for the last 2 years. (Has it really been that long?!)

Other areas of art/life were overtaking my so-called schedule for a while and that's ok. I needed the time. Just happy to be back in the initial art mix. Stirring ideas. Whipping out some quick mental snippets. Taking things off the back burners. Simmering, not quite cooking. Things are only lukewarm for the moment, working towards a boil.

It's a beautful space. Tall ceilings, big, bright view from the window, and heating. Put up my pegboard of tools, set up my kitchenette, some plywood walls...and off I go. One complaint: all concrete walls. But maybe this is a chance to rethink what needs to happen work-wise.

Funny that you always seems to start where you last left off. Ideas I had 7 months ago continue to stick like sap. My dreams of late remind me of the importance of staying true to the "long term" commitment in art(making) and being aware of short term flash in the pans (via curators, critics, galleries). Everyone it seems has an exaggerated ego and the last person who should take part in the balloon festival is the artist. Where's the art-part if the (mental)work(space) is full of shit?


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