Tuesday, February 02, 2010

This Bird Has Flown

Funny thing happened on the way to the Bathroom.

I found Felix Gonzalez Torres in my stall. (As always seems to happen with his posters. . . they get left, somewhere.) I started documenting the "left behinds" at Venice Bienalle a few years back. And just today, I vowed I would reclaim all the lost felixes and make my own stack at home.

. . . . Only I took it, and accidentally left it at an Anthropologie store, when I put it down to take a picture of a display. HaHa.

Now, he's moved further up the street.

The rolled up print is this one:
Untitled 1992/1993

The two above were found on the grounds at the Venice Bienalle.
(left) behind the American Pavilion where FGT was being showcased.
(right) near the ....Danish? Pavilion 2007. That's nearly an origami crane.


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