Tuesday, October 03, 2006

new territory & one non-sequitur

In some ways I feel working from "memory", though there are no physical locations involved, is important for me in these little 'scapes. landscapes, mindscapes, e-scapes (...from landminds>>landmines). The exercise being one in which I get out of my head and generate place/perspective (emotional locations) from "rebecca", rather than channeling it through a single image/place from the "outside" world. I wanted to focus on the sense of space as a mood or atmosphere of experience. It's this unnamed place that is very much real, but somehow slightly elusive and non-tangible that I'm most interested in. In the Adyashanti video that I linked to in an earlier post, he refers to "vast fields of silence" around your mind as a place where you can let pre-conceived notions/ideals go. Whether or not you get into the oogey-boogeyness of the speaker, I think it's this silence/stillness (ie without overbooking your calendar with activites, making "busy" work, or basically making excuses to avoid being quiet, not distracted, attentive) that allows you to "see" what is actually there. It's like the line my mentors always say, "What are you without your problems?" I think about this often. I suppose these small works are my attempts to translate that as something "grounded", even if it's only a sliver of soil (the sky's no limit).

The usual: glare, extra blurry, bad lighting. too tired to properly color correct. Will probably have to reshoot/repost. Click to enlarge, refresh page as needed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow they are looking better and better. can you do 'em big now ?

3:20 PM  
Blogger Reb said...

thanks. ok, big baby.

8:06 PM  
Blogger eye-drops said...

That "sliver of soil" has incredible weight and presence... so much more so than your non-sequitur at the end... what a great compare & contrast!

I love love love these.

In addition to Turner you might like looking at some of the 17th century Dutch landscape paintings... for their skies and deeply felt soil slivers and for the sense of rolling, ever-deeper space under all those clouds.

6:40 AM  
Blogger Reb said...

Good to hear that the "weight" is apparent. It was an issue with the non-sequitur type paintings (a lack of weight, generally). They both have their place in the big Process Umbrella of artmaking, but I think it's time that I dig my heels (and heart) in a bit and get my hands dirty, you know?

Not really sure where this is all headed.....but it's definitely time to make a choice at the fork in the road. (been standing there far too long, it's just so irritatingly comfortable. gotta bust a move.)

9:36 PM  

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