Friday, February 12, 2010

Illy & William Kentridge Team Up

Not sure how I feel about that. Pretty sure I don't much care for it.
William Kentridge limited edition cappuccino set.

Soon to be sold on Amazon, no less.
Illy has a history of working with quality artists like Pistoletto, Maria Abramovic, A.R. Penck, Daniel Buren, and Jannis Kounellis, but must say the majority of the cups are superficially decorative (with few exceptions: Kounellis, Abramovic and Kentridge) and merely souvenir kitsch at mini-art prices. I'd rather have some local artist art myself.

Addendum: I just realized each cup/saucer is a mini replica of one of his video pieces. Wish the photographer had taken the picture of just one cup so the reflections of the other cups on the silver didn't create all that extra visual noise. Is confusing to look at.

Art21 snippet of the Kentridge piece I'm referring to.


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