Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Sugar Doodles (Micro Drawings)

Just quickly grouped and scanned on the copier (not the nice scanner). Not color corrected. A little tired today. Insomnia last night. Limbering up with little 3x5" drawings (ink, graphite, and/or latex on paint chips). Made fresh daily. These will be sold at the Fire Sale to raise money for my artist residency this summer. I'm thinking $25 each. If you are interested at all. Leave me a contact point in the comment section.

This one is my favorite.

click to enlarge

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Studio Projects (book bindings)

Another artist in the building thinned out his book collection and left some in the hall for the picking. I took some of the older hardbound books, removed the covers and started some rather sophomoric collages. Have to get mentally limber with it still.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

In Progress

Gold Leaf and Rust Paintings series inspired by Chinese garden architecture and the philosophy behind it.



Safe Harbor

An installation I did this last summer 2009 during a mini-residency in Equinunk, Pennsylvania.

A Site specific installation at High WaterMark Salo(o)n in conjunction with the release of  Lori Anderson Moseman’s book of poems, Temporary Bunk, having to do with her experiences in the aftermath of Federal Disaster #1649, a 2006 flood along the Delaware River.

Aside from its narrative accounting of this poet and her dogs’ escape from the floodwaters by canoe, Safe harbor alludes to the safety of temporary realities set adrift, tethered solely by the belief of one’s convictions. Paper ships and sinking truths.