Sunday, October 29, 2006

Open Studios (Holding My Breathe)

It was a tiring and stressful time. The crowds were thin, but apparently so were most of the wallets, though I did manage to sell. The main craze-induced blur was the unexpected and unwarranted eviction due in great part to a careless studiomate (after I JUST got the studio the way I've wanted it....oh well...I try to leave things better than I found them.) As a month-to-month commercial tenant, you pretty much have no rights, per legal counsels I spoke with. I had 3 days amid client meetings to clear out the studio before leaving for Seattle for work. Luckily I'd been preparing to move in the near future and have my eyes on some particular spaces. The bright side of things is that I save nearly $1K in rent while I'm away for work and travel and don't have to give one more red ยข to that ridiculous landlord. It was sad not to have time to say goodbye to my studio properly.

The whole experience has left me a bit dried out. Here are some pics of the studio. The hazy blurriness is probably a more accurate depiction of my (mental) space in light of the situation.


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